Rocky Roads: The Mountains of Grinadier

Forging alliances

Continuing to sort the clues regarding the missing Dayton

Belintine 30th
Last night we scuttled the ship and got as far away from the cove as we could before crashing. The Laetitian woman, Marala, was distraught over the loss of her people, as one might suspect. However, with Faelyn visiting his ancestors, no one could speak to her. I was able, with Diakris’ power, to understand her, but we were limited to playing a game of Gestures to communicate back to her. It was also a chilly, damp camp without Faelyn’s protective dome.

Tarine 1st
The trip back to Fallham has been a bit stressful. With the ship captain, Sylban Reach, out in the wind, we were concerned that the Dark Syndicate would be looking for us. So we took a more round about route.
I returned Faelyn to the living. It’s sad to say that after just a few times, this power over life and death is starting to feel routine. I must be wary not to take Diakris’ power for granted. I will also need to find a replacement diamond as soon as we get back to the city. Without a gateway for the soul of the departed, my power is useless. It’s odd watching the diamond turn dark and then collapse in on itself after it serves its function.

Tarine 2nd
We made it back to Fallham some time in the mid afternoon. We decided a new venue would be appropriate and so said our good byes and relocated to the Crystal Sea Inn. We have a bit of a complication, however. Marala doesn’t want to leave us. On one hand, I want to help her. She’s alone in a foreign land with no friends, no money and a heavy burden. On the other hand, we have a job to do that could lead trouble to her if we make mistakes. On yet a third hand, I am suspicious of the timing. We are struggling to know who we can and cannot trust here already. Having a stranger live with us is troubling. Also, there is a strange dynamic between Tanka and Marala. She is clearly no fainting maiden, but it’s still odd to note that she seems to think that Tanka needs to be under her protection. On the trip back there were several occasions where she treated the Ranger like he was a dim-witted child, unaware of the most basic and obvious things.
However, I don’t have the time or inclination to get involved in their situation. I just hope it’s not a mistake letting her stay with us.

Tarine 3rd
I’m not sure where to start. A week ago I was a lone, surviving orphan. Today, I have learned that I have not one, but two brothers who are still alive.
I went to dinner at Carson’s home this evening. Talus came with me for added security. It’s too dangerous to travel alone if we can help it. Carson is an interesting character. On one hand, he seems like a stand up guy who is trying to do right by his friends and his city (or at least, his district). On the other hand, he is incredibly bigoted and accepts that the Dark Syndicate is in charge.
It was odd, seeing Toby again. We both assumed that the other had died in the attack on the Smithy all those years ago. He’s doing well though. Carson took him in and got him a job with the constables when he was old enough. Our relationship felt strange though. We were both glad to see each other and to talk, but our lives have grown in very different directions. It’s not clear what the future will hold for us.
However, it was one of Carson’s stories that really threw me for a loop. Apparently he and dad both worked for the Syndicate years back. From his description, it didn’t sound like they were in deep with them; they just acted as armed escorts for various people. However, on one of their jobs dad helped a Laetitian woman escape slavery. He brought her back to town and apparently had a relationship with her. Carson seemed more embarrased that his friend, my dead father, had been sleeping with a Laetitian than he did about the fact that he had been cheating on mom. Apparently disdain for Laetitians runs deep around here. Both Carson and Toby think of them as barely Human. Anyway, dad apparently knocked up this woman and then sent her off, setting her up with a home and apothecary business near Grinadier. This piqued my interest, and the more questions I asked, the more clear it became that the woman in question was Tanka’s mother. It was not a giant mental leap to then realize that Tanka and I had the same father.
Later this evening I spoke to Tanka and he confirmed that we were brothers. He’s known it all along and apparently went out of his way to get into my unit in the military and stay with me all these years. But he never told me. I…I don’t understand. I’m both thrilled and pissed about this. How could he not tell me?! Why would he not think that I’d be happy to know? Did he think I’d be upset that my father had cheated on my mother? Did he think I wouldn’t accept him because of his Laetitian blood? I’m not sure what this knowledge will mean in the future, but right now I’m just happy to know that I have family, even if it’s strange, brooding, Tanka.
We also discussed the situation with the spreading madness that seems to have taken hold in Point Breeze, and the rash of murders taking place in Upper Hill. Frustratingly, Carson doesn’t seem concerned because it isn’t happening in his district. He proudly pointed out that The Docks’ caught their murderer…as if people are incapable of crossing district lines. Strange fellow, and potentially useful, I’ll just need to be careful how I handle him.

Tarine 4th
We are staking out the Whispering Wave tavern again. Jalen met with Raven last night and she wants us to intercept the case the next time Myla makes a transfer to learn what is being transported. After discussing it, we have decided that once she makes the transfer, we’ll intercept the Dark Syndicate courier and make it look like a robbery. Jalen reported that last time, he did not seem at all wary. Well, if the Syndicate thinks that their ownership of the city makes them safe, then it’ll just make our job easier.
Fortunately we know the time window for this since we all need to be on standby. Now we just need to wait until the transfer takes place.
Meanwhile, I’ve decided to try to get Rolden back into the fold. After discussing it with the others I think the best approach is to befriend his girlfriend. Faylinn is a sweet girl. She seems genuine and hard-working. I met her when I went into the Island Pearl for lunch. She was suspicious of my motives at first, but once I made it clear that I wasn’t making a play for her, she was very friendly and quite willing to chat with me.

Tarine 8th
We continue to stake out the Whispering Waves tavern, but so far, no 3rd glass of wine and no case transfer.
I’ve also gotten very chummy with Faylinn. Rolden the Cursed is a lucky man.
We also caught sight of the ship captain, Sylban Reach, entering the Syndicate’s club, The Riposte. No telling how long he’s been in town, but this confirms that he’s part of their organization. We will need to be careful not to get noticed.

Tarine 13th
Myla made the transfer this evening and we intercepted the Dark Syndicate courier in an alley that we had staked out. He went down quickly and without raising an alarm. It felt odd ambushing a man in the middle of the city. However, knowing his employers, it also felt like justice. If only we could so easily purge the rest of the disease that has beset Fallham.
The contents of the case were two notes. They seemed to be written in code, so Jalen took these to Raven immediately to see if she understands them. The notes read:
“Blue putting pressure on Harry. Expect visitors in Red Square tomorrow night.”
“The item you seek is rumored to be located at the top of Mortimer’s Tower.”
Raven thinks that Blue refers to the weathy people the city and that Harry was likely the Earl. This was a warning that some place was about to be raided. The other note is less clear, but doesn’t seem to be pertinent to our job here. News of an unknown object somewhere isn’t actionable.

Tarine 14th
We heard a rumor about a gambling den in Upper Hill square that was raided by the guards. Without the warning this likely resulted in a damaging raid for the Syndicate. I’m sure it won’t be long lasting as the Earl is in their pocket, but perhaps it will put a strain on that relationship. Better than nothing.
Talus and Jalen also visited the Captain Willow Stormsense. She told a very different story about the orb which suggested that the horseman had been lying to us. The captain’s story was interesting. Apparently she found the orb in the belly of a fish and tried to sell it to the Gray Cabal in Corisand. However, she sensed that something was wrong once she landed and had started making inquiries, and so she fled. Later she was attacked in Westsage. It appears that the Star Cloaked wizards want this orb and are willing to kill to get it. Being on the wrong side of that group is a good sign as far as I’m concerned.

I had dinner with Rolden and Faylinn today. Rolden seems like a stand up guy. Once he realized that I wasn’t moving in on his girlfriend, we got along well. I dropped a hint that I wanted to talk to him one on one and he mentioned a tavern that he frequents. Hopefully tomorrow we can catch up there.

Tarine 15th
Lilliana set the plant out in the window today, indicating that she wanted to talk to us. In fact, she had some interesting gossip. A minor noble named Harold Lightfoot had bragged that he was about to be elevated to an Earldom. I don’t know how this affects us, but we can pass it along to Westin. It also means that she is willing to continue to provide intelligence for us. Hopefully we’ll finish up soon and can pass her along to someone else (or back to Dayton if we find him alive and well somewhere). We have decided to assist her financially to the tune of a gold crown per week.
Similarly, I met with Rolden and explained that I was trying to find Dayton. He rightly feels like he owes a huge debt to Dayton for turning his life around and is very concerned that his benefactor has disappeared. He too will likely be able to continue to assist us. One tidbit he gave was that a group of three assassins passed through the harbor from the islands. They arrived on Diakrine 4th and as we discussed it later, it seems that this is what Marlo’s mysterious note likely referred to back in Cordine. I don’t know the significance, but I have a feeling that it will be important later on.

Tarine 16th
Jalen met with Raven again today. She told us that Westin wants us to question Myla Reynolds. We discussed it among the group and have decided to grab her on the way to the Whispering Waves and teleport her somewhere where we can be undisturbed. Once we have the answers we need we will hand her over to Raven who will smuggle her out of the city and into a new life. We can’t have her running to the Earl or to the Syndicate, but she doesn’t deserve to die.

Tarine 17th
Our plan to snatch Myla seems to have gone off perfectly. Faelyn and Jalyn approached her invisibly as she was walking to the tavern and teleported the three of them to where the rest of us were waiting, outside of town. Lets hope she is willing to talk.



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