Rocky Roads: The Mountains of Grinadier


Tarine 17th
It turns out that obtaining the Earl’s secretary was the easy part. Although not especially wise or mentally adept, she has the stubbornness that old age often brings. She was also more afraid of the Dark Syndicate than she was of us. She answered a few of my questions, but was annoyingly defiant in them. In the end, we needed Faelyn to ‘befriend’ her. However, even in that she seemed more apt to manipulate the Elf than the other way around.
We were able to determine a few useful tidbits though. She was in fact the one who had told Keltin, aka, The Claw, about Dayton. She didn’t know what they had done with or to him, but she was confident that they were behind his disappearance. Interestingly, she believes that Dayton may be alive still. Apparently Keltin doesn’t like to waste an opportunity to make an example out of anyone who would cross him, and Dayton certainly seems to fit that bill.
Apparently she had been feeding information to Keltin for some time and being paid handsomely for doing so. She sent him anything that she thought he’d be interested in. Important people arriving in town; official actions that affected the Syndicate; valuable cargoes available at docks etc. She also confirmed that Alden Barrington was frequently a guest at the castle and that he and the Earl had a good relationship. From her telling, the Earl was not directly involved in the corruption, however. Myla made it seem that he was simply an inept ruler which made it possible for those below him to be corrupt.
She also confirmed the presence of another source of information in the castle. A squire named Harold would sometimes feed her intelligence. If he wears his necklace outside his tunic then he had something. I don’t see how this will help us, but perhaps.
Once it was clear that we had as much as we were going to get we sent Jalen to meet with Raven. This was something that Westin would want to hear as soon as possible. Once I had given him sufficient time to get back to town and meet up I sent him a mental message. His reply was surprising. He was returning WITH WESTIN, who would personally take charge of the Earl’s secretary. No doubt he would be much better at discovering her secrets.
When Jalen returned, he was with an old woman…an impressive disguise. Westin made veiled threats to us while comforting Myla, so we took the hint and left. This cloak and dagger business is not my strong suit apparently.

Tarine 18th
We woke this morning to a commotion down the street. After arming ourselves we followed the crowd and discovered the mangled and dismembered body of Captain Sylban Reach left on the docks for all to see. The note pinned to his chest with a dagger made it plain that he had angered Keltin by allowing someone to steal the Syndicate’s gold. It read: “The Syndicate’s reward for failure and cowardice. The reward is greater to those who have stolen from us”. Nearby his legs had a separate note that taunted saying that the Captain would never run again.
Later, we attempted to meet up with the Captain of the Black Wind. Talus wanted to warn her that Archer was planning to attack her. Unfortunately, Willow was not at her ship and the guard there either didn’t know where she was or would not tell us. Talus and Nuan spent an hour waiting at the tavern where they had first met, but to no avail. Finally, it was time for Talus to meet up with Archer. It turns out that we found both he and the Captain at the same time. We arrived at the Silver Anchor just in time to see the Ranger fill Willow full of arrows. We raced to stop him before he could reach Willow and take his prize, but he proved a difficult foe, launching arrows with as deadly accuracy as Tanka. His horse was also well trained and attacked Talus and Nuan Shu as they approached. In the end, his arrows slew Talus, but we were able to kill him and also save Willow.
Once healed, Willow took us all to her nearby apartment. From the look of things, she maintained the room for her visits to Fallham. It was not large, but it was well appointed. She was grateful and gave us a detailed version of the story of the orb. She had tried to sell it in Corisand, but didn’t trust the small, spidery man that had made contact with her. She fled Westsage after being attacked shortly after that meeting and sailed along the Southern coast to Fallham. She had decided that it wasn’t worth holding on to, and so offered it to us as a reward for saving her life. Faelyn and I will take a look at it tomorrow to see if we can figure it out. She also promised that she would be happy to have us aboard her ship any time we chose. We’d have to travel where she was going, but we could do so at no charge.

Tarine 19th
We woke this morning to a knock at the door. We’ve taken great pains to not be tracked back to our rooms, so this was disconcerting. The boy at the door was apparently one of the street urchins who survived as pick pockets and through other unsavory means. He said they called him the ‘Little Prince’. I assume he’s the leader of their group. He was asking for my help specifically in healing his sick friend. Apparently they have eyes everywhere and noticed when I healed Narala the other day near the docks. No good deed goes unpunished it seems.
He was quite open in answering our questions though. From his replies it sounds like the crazy disease in Breezy Point is spreading and no one is taking note. We may end up with an epidemic on our hands. Although extremely suspicious of the boy at first, by the end of our interrogation I believed his story and came to the realization that I had to help and would have to act quickly.
We warned us of the gang that ran Breezy Point as well. Feargus Mander and Cappy would be trouble if we crossed them. It occurred to me that if this went well we could find ourselves in possession of an excellent source of information in this little gang. Well, time to pray.



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