Baron Orius Hawthorne



Baron Orius is a dashing figure who is a skilled leader. He serves Earl Audric Summers and is a proud devotee of Diakris. He is said to be the Earl’s most trusted advisor. He is tall for a Grinadierian (slightly over 6 feet tall) and sports flowing, golden blond hair. His armor is always impeccable and almost radiates a magical energy.


The party met the Baron after being deceived into attacking and killing the Red Feather orc emissaries. The Baron did not condemn the party and seemed to believe their story about being duped into attacking the orcs.

Following the HighGuard’s investigation in Goldhill, the Baron sought a Rakshasa with a powerful party of allies. There has been no word from the Baron or his friends since that time.

Baron Orius Hawthorne

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