Earl Audric Summers


Earl Audric Summers rules the Western Quadrant of Grinadier on behalf of the Grand Duke. He is extremely popular. For one, he is very attractive and is exceptionally charismatic. However, the main reason is he has worked extremely hard to ensure that the citizens who fall under his rule live the best life possible.

As an avid adventurer during his younger days, he accumulated a vast fortune. As the Earl of the West, he has more than once dipped into his personal treasury to help those under his rule. If one of the mining communities had numerous children, but no school, he would build one with his own funds and provide a teacher. If there was no temple, he would build one. He has worked very hard to raise the quality of life for his vassals.

Additionally, he has started several programs which would aid the entire country. For instance, he personally provided sufficient fund to farmers and ranchers of The Lowlands to allow them to dramatically increase production of their crop and/or domesticated animal. This included providing work horses, tills, directing army to clear more land, etc. In so doing, the increase in the yield of the land has allowed The Lowlands to not only provide their own food, but also to export their product to the rest of Grinadier.


The party somehow started working for Earl Audric Summers initially after they were duped into trying to derail one of the Earl’s pet projects. The Earl’s right hand man, Baron Orius Hawthorne, asked the party to correct their mistake and they were able to do so. This caused the Earl to hire the party for an additional job.

The party only met the Earl when they were leaving on a mission on his behalf.

Earl Audric Summers

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