Jacob Turner

aka Jonathan Thornton - Now Deceased


The man calling himself Jacob Turner is a short, lithe individual with a distinctive scar across his face. He is dark complected and, despite his disfigured face, he has a somewhat commanding air about him. He wears leather armor and carries a short sword and daggers.


Jacob Turner, while posing as an agent of Earl Audric Summers, hired the party for two separate missions. The first was to assist he and some comrades in picking up a delivery in the wild, and the second was to attack a band of orcs that were to be traveling on the road.

The High Guard ran across Jacob Turner once again in Whitby Creek while investigating the death of Frances Mowbray and a significant agriculture problem in the area. Jacob disappeared without an encounter, but the High Guard was able to ascertain that he had been meeting with five mysterious men who wore gray robes with different star patterns. Jalen had a frightful reaction from these men as they triggered some horrific memories from his enigmatic past.

Jacob Turner

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