Jenny is a very attractive woman who runs the small shop called Jenny’s Sundries. She is tall, standing about 5’10" and slim with blond hair that cascades down her back. She usually wears very fine clothing and likes to travel alone, even going out into the wild by herself on occasion. She lives alone and seems to have few friends.


The party met Jenny when she was captured by a band of thugs, who seemed intent on profiting greatly by her capture. The party rescued her, but became suspicious when both Nuan Shu and Jalen stated that Jenny’s eyes “glowed” briefly. Although no one else saw this phenomenon, the party believed Nuan Shu and Jalen and feared that she was some kind of evil entity. Whatever she was, they definitely did not believe her to be human.

Although Jenny begged to be freed from the painful manacles, the party refused to free her until spells could be cast upon her. Only Tanka argued to free her and did everything he could to help her, including taking her to a blacksmith in the mining town of Silverton. There, the blacksmith freed her from the manacles and after being freed, she agreed to wait for the cleric to cast spells upon her. These spells indicated that she was chaotic good.


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