Maralah, Daughter of the Earth


Maralah is a Lattician who was enslaved by a rogue “Free Clan” bandit named Branish. He sold her and others from her tribe to a pirate, Captain Hardlaw, who sold her to the Black Transport Line in Parin Bay. The Black Transport Line is a company of slave traders who are known to smuggle slaves into locations where slavery is illegal. She later escaped from the slave ship, the Bawdy Maiden while it was docked near Fallham.

Maralah was the daughter of the leader of her tribe and was born during an earthquake. In Latticia, this is an auspicious omen of greatness and the child is given the title, Son/Daughter of the Earth. It is said that those born in this manner are truly the offspring of the Earth and thus holy. Maralah was treated as a leader and was seen second only to the scions of Latticia. There are also Children of the Air, but these are more common and seen as secondary to the Children of the Earth.


The HighGuard met Maralah while investigating the disappearance of Dayton Golding in Fallham. Maralah sought out Tanka and asked for his help while she was running from her captors.

Maralah, Daughter of the Earth

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