Patricia (Pat) Wellborne


Patricia (Pat) Wellborne is a notorious and influential member of the Grinadier underworld. Although her name is known to authorities, her true appearance isn’t. Her underlings are fiercely loyal to her and, when captured, have been known to kill themselves rather than provide information regarding this woman.

She is well-known for her cruelty and relishes the opportunity to kill an innocent bystander. It is rumored that she was born with no soul.

It is doubtful that Patricia Wellborne is her real name, as there are no records for a person of this name. She is also referred to as the Red Lady.


Jalen of the Highguard is one of the few individuals who has seen Pat and lived to tell about it. In an effort to gain valuable information, Jalen masqueraded as a beggar and approached Pat and others. Pat kindly approached Jalen, offering him a valuable gold coin, and then stabbed him with a well-placed blow, almost killing him. Fortunately, Jalen was able to escape with the use of a fly potion.

Patricia (Pat) Wellborne

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