Sir Edmund Cartwright


Sir Edmund Cartwright leads the constables who patrol the city of Grinadier. He is considered a more than able individual, although there are whispers that he has passed his prime. While it is true that his hair has turned gray, his mind remains sharp and he is still known to be an excellent swordsman. Further, he has managed to maintain law and order within Grinadier for the last twenty years, and women and children are still able to walk the streets at night with very little worry.


Baron Orius Hawthorne introduced Sir Edmund to the Highguard so they could describe the tattoo they had discovered on Ziggy in The Lowlands. He explained that the tattoo had recently been discovered on a few villains and he believes it is either an offshoot of the established thieves guild, or is a rival guild moving into Grinadier.

Sir Edmund Cartwright

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