Terran Redface, Chief of the Red Feather Orcs


Terran Redface is a powerful half-orc who looks more “orc-like” than “human-like”. He has a distinctive red birthmark on the right side of his face (please note the picture is NOT accurate in this regard – assume the red birthmark exist). He is scarred from countless battles and has the respect of the Red Feather clan.


The party met Terran when they negotiated a treaty on behalf of Earl Audric Summers. Baron Orius Hawthorne dealt directly with the party and sent them to perform this mission after the party had been duped into attacking a peaceful orc envoy.

The party was instrumental in protecting Terran when he was attacked by a rebel faction within his clan led by the Shaman.

Terran Redface, Chief of the Red Feather Orcs

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