Allies of Grinadier

Grinadier has numerous allies and very few enemies.

First and foremost is Celedon. They have stood side by side since the formation of Grinadier. For years, Celedon was seen as the big brother to Grinadier, but following the Second War of the Heavens, Celedon’s forces were severely crippled and have still not made a full recovery. Since then, the two countries are seen on a much more even keel. Due to Grinadier’s limited farming land, they are greatly dependent on Celedonian food supplies.

Orfort has always been a solid ally, but Orfort is a weak country that is a primary producer of lumber, along with Dalphine. The political interaction is minor as they pose no threat to mountainous Grinadier. Further, the mountain range that extends into Orfort is basically uninhabited by the people of Orfort. Grinadier tends to obtain all their lumber from Orfort, despite Dalphine’s abundance of exotic wood.

There is an alliance with Easterly, but it is nominal. The government of Easterly is very weak and bandits roam the land at will, just as pirates patrol the waters off the coast of Easterly. Grinadier and Easterly are allies, but throughout the centuries, Grinadier has had to make alliances with the various bandit lords who also rule the interior of Easterly.

Perhaps the strongest ally of Grinadier is found in Grinadier itself with the Dwarves of Rengar. The mostly lawful good dwarves make a good match for the lawful and good minded Grinadierians. There is great respect for dwarves in general and especially those found in Rengar Mountain. The dwarven home is legendary and has existed for thousands of years, existing before the time of the First War of the Heavens. Rengar is currently led by Beldric Giantbane and he is well respected by everyone in Grinadier. Further, the Rengar dwarves have an ancient library that they have occasionally allowed outsiders to review.

The alliance with Dalphine is the most tenuous. The “elven” minded Dalphinians tend to clash with the “dwarven” minded Grinadierians. There isn’t any open hostility, but the trade is kept to a minimum and it isn’t unusual for a Dalphinian to fight with a Grinadierian when encountered in a neutral bar.

There is very little interaction with the other countries. Almost every country in Alyssia makes use of Grinadier iron, even as far away as Falak and Corisand. However, most of that trade is done through third party trading companies.

Allies of Grinadier

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