Players will be rewarded with six different types of experience.

First, players will receive traditional experience for defeating monsters and overcoming traps and other obstacles. Please note that defeating does not necessarily mean killing. If the party can find an ingenious way to avoid a fight but still achieve the goals of the adventure, then they will receive experience just as though they had killed the monsters.

Second, players will receive role playing experience. This is a completely arbitrary number that will be rewarded when the party roles plays exceptionally well. All role playing experience will be given as a party reward rather than an individual reward, even if one player provided most of the role playing for that evening. This ruling is based upon past party votes.

Third, I will set specific achievement goals that have an experience value. This can often provide the most experience for the party. Most of the achievement goals are not necessary to complete the overall adventure. For instance, in the last campaign, the party had a goal of defeating a shaitan traitor on the elemental plane of earth. The party had discovered that the traitor had some dwarves he kept as slaves. Liberating the dwarven slaves was an achievement goal that had significant experience point value. However, the party bypassed the slaves and did not receive the experience. Nevertheless, the party was able to complete their overall goal.

Fourth, on rare occasions, players come up with such a great idea that I, as the DM, am left thinking, “I wish I had thought of that.” When that occurs, I usually grant an arbitrary amount of experience that at times can be significant.

Fifth, I am adding a new category of potential experience designed to encourage the players to discuss the game with each other between playing sessions. If all players actively discuss the game on the forums, there will be an experience reward for this communication. There will be plenty of opportunities during the game when players will be able to take advantage of this element of experience.

Sixth, bonus experience will be rewarded for full attendance of the game. The amount will be 10% of the difference between the current level and the next level. For instance, second level is 2,000 and third level is 5,000 – In this scenario, bonus experience would be 300 per player. If only one player misses with a good excuse, then I will award 5% experience if the other players all attend.


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