The Nobility of Grinadier

The Grand Duke:

Grand Duke Walter Grinadier, III currently rules the kingdom of Grinadier. The Grinadier family is the only ruling family the country has known. Grand Duke Walter is only 28 years old and has ruled for 4 years, taking over after his father, the late Grand Duke Walter Grinadier, II passed away in the great avalanche of 1064. Since he had an heir of age, no true resurrection was used, as is the common practice of Grinadier.

Walter Grinadier married Grand Duchess Lorraine Grinadier, nee Rey, seven years ago. She is the sister of Duke Merrill Rey of Hegelyn. She has endeared herself to the people of Grinadier, often helping to personally feed the poor and aid the sick. 6 years ago, Easton Grinadier was born and he has become known as a capricious child. Following Easton’s birth, the Grand Duchess has had 6 miscarriages and there have been no other surviving offspring. For this reason, the people have adopted Easton as the country’s “little earl” (offspring of a Duke/Grand Duke are known by their lower title. In this case, the full title of the Grand Duke is, Walter Grinadier, III, the Grand Duke of Grinadier, the Earl of the City of Grinadier, Lord of the Mountain – his children immediately gain the family title of Earl of the City of Grinadier).

Easton is known for his mischievous behavior and will often hide from his bodyguards and sneak out of the castle at night. It is not unusual for the Grand Duke to call upon the entire forces of the town guard to find his precocious child. Easton has already exhibited an incredible sense of leadership and strength and promises to be great ruler in the future.

The heraldry for the country of Grinadier is also that of the Grinadier family; the crossed stone hammers over an anvil. Whenever the Grand Duke is actually present, four stars are placed above the crossed hammers. If it is the heir, then three stars are present. If it is any other direct family member, then only two stars are present.

The Earl of the North:

Howard Whitfield is the Earl of the North. He is 42 years old and is happily married to Countess Ruby Whitfield, nee Bowman. He has three children, two men and one young lady. His oldest is Howard Whitfield, II and is 22 years old. Garrett Whitfield is 18 years old and his daughter, Breena Whitfield is 17 years old.

The Whitfield family is the longest reigning earldom. Cornelius Whitfield was named Earl by Feran Grinadier, the original Grand Duke and the Whitfield family has ruled over the Northern portion of Grinadier ever since.

Howard is known as a pragmatic ruler and will follow whatever policy works best. He is thought to be a good man, but he does not socialize with the people of the north very much. As the Earl of the North, he is responsible for relations with Orfort. In that regard, he has basically maintained the status quo. He has protected the mining communities in the north more than adequately as well the roads of the north.

The heraldry of the Whitfield family is a large standing brown bear on a field of blue over green.

The Earl of the East:

Kelvin Grinadier is the Earl of the East and is 58 years old. His wife, the late Meridith Grinadier, nee Warren, passed away two years ago after a bitter battle with an unknown disease. Clerics were unable to aid her, so it was assumed it was just her time to go. Kelvin had 3 sons and one daughter, although his eldest son, Spaulding Grinadier (26) is missing and presumed dead. Spaulding was well loved by the people in Grinadier and is sorely missed. The next in line, Stuart Grinadier (17) is seen somewhat as a privileged brat. His daughter Dawn Grinadier (16) is stunningly beautiful and has many suitors for her hand in marriage. Finally, Holden Grinadier (14) is a very likeable child who has shown signs of great wisdom.

Kelvin’s father, Steven Grinadier, was the brother to the late Grand Duke, Roderick Grinadier (the father of Walter Grinadier, II and grandfather of the current Grand Duke). Steven Grinadier was given the Earldom of the East by his brother, Roderick Grinadier following the death of Earl Horace Green, who died with no heir. It was peaceful transfer of power and this line of the Grinadier family has shown an aptitude for ruling that was expected. There are some, however, who feel another Grinadier family ruling is a bad thing, giving too much power to this family. Nevertheless, Kelvin is well respected.

Spaulding’s disappearance has been a major topic of Grinadier and a mystery that remains unsolved. Divinations indicate that Spaulding is dead, but his father actually paid for a true resurrection that failed to work. Spaulding was extremely popular and would personally patrol the lands to the east. He was a skilled ranger and at home in the mountains. He was last seen by his squad when he returned home to Grinadier.

As the Earl of the East, he is responsible for relations with Easterly. This is a significant job as it also entails diplomatic discussions with the various Bandit Lords that rule over portions of the interior of Easterly. Kelvin has performed adequately in this endeavor.

The heraldry of this part of the Grinadier family is a hammer striking an anvil with sparks shooting away and forming stars. It is on a light blue background.

The Earl of the South:

Stewart Bowman is the Earl of the South. He is married to Jacinth Bowman, nee Willis. Stewart is 46 years old and has four children. Radley Bowman (22) is the eldest followed by Hunter (20), Lilly (18) and Madison (17). Radley is a “ladies” man and has already sired numerous bastards. It is said that Radley’s children will one day comprise an entire city.

Stewart is probably the least popular Earl and is rumored to have a sadistic streak. Whether this is true or not is unknown. However, there have been numerous instances when the Countess was seen with severe bruises and cuts. Further, Jacinth, a once happy person, is now resigned to moping about the estate.

As the Earl of the South, Stewart is responsible for diplomatic relations with Dalphine. He has done nothing to improve upon the already strained relations, and at times, has actually insulted the diplomats from the southern country. Fortunately, there is little trade directly with Dalphine and contact is at a minimum.

The bowman heraldry is a fist holding two arrows on a white background.

The Earl of the West:

The most popular earl by far is Audric Summers, the Earl of the West. Audric is married to Samantha Summers, nee Langdon. She is the sister of Earl Justice Langdon who has recently had difficulty in the country of Celedon. Audric is 36 years old, but appears as spry as a man half his age. He has three children, the oldest being Richard Summers (17), followed by Kinsey Summers (15) and Preston Summers (14). Kinsey is beginning to rival Dawn Grinadier in her beauty. Many are already eyeing her as a potential mate for their son.

Audric is known for his efforts to raise the level of the lives of those in the West. He personally visits every mining and farming community under his care. However, he does not stop there. Whenever he sees a deficiency, he does what he can to correct the problem. If the children of the community are lacking an education, he will pay for a school and recruit teachers to go there to teach. If there is no temple, he will do what he can to see one is built. If the people are struck by hardship of some kind, such as a goblin attack, etc, he will do something to raise the people’s spirits. As a result, he is well loved in the West and the communities under his supervision have flourished and harvest the most natural resources.

Audric is a natural diplomat and is an experienced Sorcerer. He adventured throughout the lands when he was younger. Therefore, he has always been able to maintain the best relations with Celedon, which is his responsibility. However, there have been some problems that have made the Grand Duke take over this responsibility. Audric married the sister of Earl Justice Langdon of Celedon. Earl Langdon recently lost rights over Alden’s Crossing (a city Earl Langdon personally helped grow to it’s current state) when the city was gifted to Duke Davis Kennard by the king of Celedon. Since his brother-in-law was grievously harmed, he was seen to have a conflict of interest and the Grand Duke took over.

The Summers heraldry is an eagle about to strike an unseen prey. It is on a light green background.

The Nobility of Grinadier

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