City of Fallham

The city of Fallham is a coastal city in Celedon ruled by Earl Bernhard Fallham, II. The city is known for its corruption and filth, but due to its location, still serves as a major trade hub for Celedon.

The City is broken up into 9 separate districts. Each district is policed by a group of constables led by a captain. Many of the constables are rumored to be corrupted. At best, they tend to be slow to act and completely ignore the many vice crimes (drugs, gambling and prostitution) that permeate the city. Additionally, there is very little communication between the constables from the different districts, so there is little city-wide coordinated investigation.

The different districts of the city are as follows:

  1. Carriage Park:
    Carriage Park is home to the temples of Fallham. The largest temple found here is the temple to Nobnar, which rivals the high temple found in Parin Bay. The temple to Ferian is also quite large and, like most of her temples, is decorated with lavish fountains that draw tourists from all around. Otherwise, each good and neutral god has a temple in this ward. There is even a small, but luxurious temple to Ashtark, who is mainly worshipped in the Eastern Reaches. There are also various businesses that profit from the business of the temples and a large park across from the temples to Ferian and Nobnar. Further, most of the religious men are housed in this ward. This is one of the most picturesque wards in the city. Carriage Park is located north of the Western Docks and west of The Coins.
  2. Dart Hill:
    Dart Hill Keep, the ancestral home of the Fallham family, dominates the Dart Hill District. Additionally, there are numerous barracks and stables that house the standing army of Fallham. Dart Hill is located on a large hill that overlooks the Harwill River to the Northeast side of town.
  3. East End:
    East End is home to the people who can’t quite afford to live in Upper Hill. Additionally, the naval offices and barracks are located in this district. East End is located East of the Eastern Docks
  4. Eastern Docks:
    Eastern Docks is slightly cleaner than Western Docks and is the primary docking facility for passenger ships. Additionally, the military vessels are located at these docks. Finally, there are some trading and fishing vessels that call the Easter Docks their home, but only because the Western Docks are full. The Eastern Docks is located on the eastern side of the coastal city and the Harwil River empties into the bay on this side.
  5. Point Breeze, aka Rathold:
    Point Breeze is perhaps the most poorly named district in the city. It isn’t situated on any point and the low lying ward gets very little in the way of a breeze. It is inhabited by the poorest inhabitants of Fallham. Dilapidated shanties make up the majority of the buildings in this region. There is very little police presence. Subsequently, drug use and low-priced prostitution is rampant. Several small gangs operate in this district, some of which are protective to the poor and others who feed off the poor. It is situated between the Western Docks and Eastern Dock. Due to it’s proximity to the ocean and it’s low altitude, it is prone to floods. The Drunken Sailor is found here.
  6. The Coins:
    The Coins is the merchant area of Fallham. If there is anything to be bought in Fallham, you will find it in The Coins. The Coins is located in the middle of Fallham. The Pirates Brew is found in this district.
  7. West Park:
    West Park is home to the lower middle class people in Fallham. This district is filled with those who make a decent living throughout the city, basically the populace who can afford somewhere better than Point Breeze. West Park is located due west of Western Docks.
  8. Western Docks aka Fetor Ward:
    The Western Docks is home to the trade industry of Fallham. It also houses all the fishing vessels and fishmongers line Fishmonger’s Row. The smell of fish and decaying seafood permeates the entire ward, earning this district the nickname Fetor Ward. There are several businesses in this ward that tend to cater to the shipping trade. Warehouses also line the docks, housing the numerous trade goods that come and go from this region. The Western Docks is located on the West side of the coastal part of the city.
  9. Upper Hill:
    Upper Hill is the upper class residential area. It is filled with very nice homes and luxurious shops which are too expensive to be found in The Coins. Upper Hill is located on the hills north of The Coins. It is the northernmost district in Fallham. Island’s Pearl is located in this fine district.

City of Fallham

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