In Game Documents

I. Letter found on Gorek of the Red Feather clan (written in orcish):


Gorek has full authority for deal with humans. I have sent gift of my friendship. I am grateful for yours.

I see a new era of Orc-human friendship.

Terran Redface

II. Burnt scraps of a note found in the Red Feather Orc Shaman’s quarters:

First Scrap

……accept this….
……of our friendship….
……you the army you desire…
…..built on your ancestors…

Second Scrap

….n your att _ _ _ to…..
….which occupy your……
….will aid you in this endeavor.

III. Summary of a Journal Found in the Hag’s Lair Written in Giantish:

Notes which indicate the hags have been developing a poison to kill plants. Have been working almost 2 years. Goals:

A. Develop a plant poison that can:

  1. be spread easily;
  2. Will not be too readily apparent;
  3. Will reduce the production greatly;
  4. It will spread with water;
  5. Will continue to impact growth for years after introduction in the soil; and
  6. Will still allow the plants to live.

B. Develop another poison that will:

  1. Kill animals over time;
  2. Will look like a fairly common disease that is known to kill animals;
  3. Can easily be mixed into the food or water of the animals; and
  4. Will show no symptoms at all for several weeks.

Reading the rest of the book, it becomes clear that the first goal has not been completely accomplished. They developed a crystal-like dust that is easily spread and can contaminate a large area. It will remain inert until it is mixed with water. Then it will spread in the moisture quickly. Further, it is believed that it will remain in the soil for years, lasting for as long as a decade or more. This was discussed as a great result. The problem was that it does too much and is clearly something that is impacting the plants. There are also notes that indicate they spread something last year, but it was not potent enough and did not curtail production enough.

The notes indicate the results with the animal poison is different. They developed a grain-looking poison that is very effective and they achieved all their goals.

Finally near the end is a series of notes with angry annotations regarding an antidote to the poison. It seems there was some anger this wasn’t requested initially.

Sprinkled throughout the notes are alchemical calculations that you do not understand at all.

IV. Summary of a Small Diary Found in the Hag’s Lair Written in Aklo:

Once this journal is translated, it will be clear that it is a small diary. It does not chronicle each day or even date the entries, it just is written in occasionally. Towards the front, there are several comments about how it is very hard to walk amongst those who are “pure and innocent” and let them go unmolested.

About half of the way through, there is a section that catches your attention: “our orders are clear…we can’t interact with these fools. I understand we are not to draw attention to ourselves, but our employers do not understand how easily we can deceive these naïve humans. Didn’t we gain control of the Sheep man? He has been doing our bidding without question. Without him, we would never be able to affect so many animals.”

Another section about ½ of the way into the booklet, that seems interesting reads, “There is one I just can’t ignore. He is too pure…too good. I must see if I can corrupt him. These humans will do anything for love! It is their downfall. I will be very careful.”
Later, the notes reveal that the writer has drawn the attention of this godly man. She seems to really like playing with his affections. She realizes he does not have much. He gives almost everything to the church. Later, she is encouraging this unnamed individual to get her a nice gift, which would force him to steal something, “thus beginning the downfall of his soul.” Near the end of the writing, she states, “He has not come around. Maybe he won’t do it. If not, I will have no choice but to reveal who his love really is….let him know who was in the stew I served him.”

Additionally, there are some notes that state, “The poison is too noticeable. Check with Bird or Weasel to find out if we should proceed.” Then there is a follow-up note that says, “We are too proceed with plant poisoning. Bird gave a magic raven which we can use to send messages. It will even send a message to Wolf.”

One other note, jotted down in the margin, catches your eye. It just says, “Finally saw the Pig…. aptly named.”

V. A Letter Found in the Hag’s Diary Written in Giantish:


Continue to follow the direction of the Bird and Weasel. You should have no reason to speak to the Pig. As long as we can keep her happy, I believe she will not be a problem, but I do not completely trust her loyalties. I am looking for a replacement for the Bird, but he will have to do for now. Skilled arcanists are hard to find. I will send another wand if you need, but the Bird has said you are almost done.

The mayor and the girl was a big mistake. I can’t believe you let him get away, but I understand he was a skilled warrior. We are fortunate that he did not survive. Do you have any idea why the two of them were there in the first place?

There is a party being sent by the Baron to investigate the mayor’s death. I do not know much about them. The Rat said she knows them and their capabilities. They are made up of a cleric of Diakris, a barbarian, a Latty ranger, an elf wizard and a rogue. She said they have all served a year in the regular army and have only recently begun adventuring. Nevertheless, she advised us not to underestimate them, she did so once and is still paying for it. Whatever you do, if you engage them, make sure they do not survive. DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES!!! I do not want to see a repeat of what happened to the mayor.

You have done well with the beast medicine. I’m not too displeased with the flower arrangement, but would like you to continue to perfect it. It is a little too obvious. We like subtle arrangements. Overall, your skills have proven to be worth every copper we have paid.

I would also like you to work on a method to deconstruct the flower arrangement. Once our candidate takes control, we can have him take responsibility for removing the flower arrangement. It will help him be accepted and trusted.

Finally, the Rat will be in The Lowlands soon to meet with some VIPs. If the Rat needs any assistance, be sure to help her in any way. I understand these individuals are very interested in all sorts of magic and it is possible they will want to observe your coven. Allow them to do so, but do not reveal any alchemical secrets.

Carry on. If you have any messages, send them by the raven. Continue to apprise the Bird or Weasel of your progress. Whatever you do, do not reveal who you are. Once we have completed this project, you will have plenty of time to corrupt the people of The Lowlands.

The Wolf

VI. Letter Discovered in Ziggy’s Quarters

Belintine 10, 1068


It was good to see you, even if it was such a short time. I’m sorry I had to leave so abruptly, but this couldn’t be helped. I had much to explain to you, but this letter must suffice.

Your work with the commander has been superb. As was planned, this has fostered your acceptance in this town.

Be sure to continue to watch the Pig. Do not hesitate to use the BLE early on her if she shows signs of a conscience. It will be easy to slip into her food. The bird should be watched too, but I believe the promise of gold buys his loyalty. If either of them do anything out of the ordinary, please report this immediately.

We have enlisted Merciless as an ally for the brotherhood. The services Merciless will provide will be priceless, both as an assassin and as an enforcer. Meet with Merciless in the WC meeting place on Belintine 30, 1068 at 3 in the morning. Provide Merciless with the gem you have been holding as well as any assistance you can provide. Merciless first task should be eliminating this troublesome investigating party. I’m still shocked they survived the encounter with the Red Feathers. If the sisters do not kill them, Merciless should. We are still working on enlisting Ruthless, but this will be more difficult to accomplish.

Finally, an important shipment will pass through Whitby Creek around Tarine 20, 1068. This is extremely important and I want you to accompany this shipment back to Grinadier. The contact in the caravan is James.

As was discussed, use the BLE before you leave. We can’t have any loose ends.

Brotherhood First,


VII. Letter Discovered in Hill Giant Chief’s Lair Written in Giantish:


I hope you enjoy the gift I have provided. Please take this gift as a sign of our new friendship. I am sure we can work together for years to come.

Our current proposal would be very beneficial to your impressive clan. Not only will you obtain vast treasure from the caravans, but if you follow XXXXXXXXX (This word has been completely blocked out) direction, you should be able to do so with virtually no risk of casualties. Further, after you have destroyed three caravans, we will help you locate and kill the renegade Glidus. He can’t be hard to find.

I appreciate your assistance in this matter. I hope to meet with you in the near future.

The Wolf

(Hastily scratched at the bottom in entirely different handwriting and different ink. The ink matches that used to mark out the word in the original letter.)

I promise to return with reinforcements immediately,

The Rat

VIII. Letter Discovered in the Sewers of Fallham


You should thank your stars that you have not had to deal with our employer’s candidate! He is a complete idiot. I’m sure you would have ripped him in two by now. Believe me, I have considered it! But I’m slowly learning how to manipulate him and as he gains some maturity, he may be useful yet. At any rate, we are stuck with him.

Our efforts to discredit the target have been ineffectual. It appears our plan may have been compromised. I suggest we reconsider our original plan. As we discussed, the target is highly protected and our information indicates he is further protected with a contingency (teleport) and clone spell. Although the contingency is easy to overcome, I do not believe our Permanent Death will prevent the clone spell from saving him. I have read about a powerful dagger called The Dark Devour, which will not only destroy the target, but his soul as well. This may even make the Permanent Death unnecessary, saving us a tremendous amount of gold. I suggest we look for the location of this dagger to implement our original plan.

It sounds as though things are going smoothly back home. Continue to rely on the Answer. He is very wise and has always provided me with exceptional counsel.

The Brain

IX. Documents found in the necromancer Arlin Darkmore’s lair:

A letter found on his desk:


I am still in search of the items and would pay dearly for it. If you can find the location he was buried, my sources indicate they are both buried with him. When I have completed my conquest, you will be richly rewarded and your genius will be hidden no longer. Further, I will agree to make you the Duke of Dalphine and all that entails.

I do not forget that Jaydal’s power derives from Chellos, so I will honor your work.

The King of Korindor and all of Alyssia

Notable entries from a journal:

Before I killed him, he told me 3 6 9 was the key. Although the item he gave me was false, I believe the code is correct. I believe the apprentice Faelyn has the item.

I am sure Gazu Koral is not the burial site now, but I’m equally sure it is near here. Glorial definitely knew the location and I’m sure the secret lies with whatever he gave to his apprentice.

X. Simple note found on a loose piece of paper in the evil tome:

Written towards the top of the paper: “(2 illegible letters)y to po(3 illegible letters)- Vex Oman”

lower in the page: “==> Arlin….Necromancer. in Dalphine”

then written below: “combined with ritual….greatest power since the cataclysm”

At bottom: It is worth the risk!! I shall be like the phoenix!!

In Game Documents

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