Inns of Grinadier

All the major cities of Allysia have numerous inns and taverns, and Grinadier is no different. As a general rule, inns fall into one of three categories discussed below: the “adventurer” inn, the “seedy” inn and the “luxury” inn. Listed below are the names of the most popular inns in Grinadier and their category.

As a general rule, the “adventurer” inn is a good place to hear rumors of adventures in the surrounding area. Here is where the adventurer goes to tell the stories of his adventures and meet and spend time with others like him. It is where fights rarely break out and it acts like a sort of sanctuary, even for those who are enemies. Only the most chaotic of people would choose to break this “unwritten” rule. If they do, it would not be surprising for the majority of the patrons to move in to stop the fight.

If a fight is what you are looking for, the “seedy” inn would be the place to go. Here is where one would go to hear rumors of the events in the city itself, especially the more questionable activities. If you wanted to discover a person within the thieves guild, you would start here. Even in this chaotic environment, there are unwritten rules. In the seedy inns, a person would NEVER interfere with another persons business. If a fight broke out at a table, the surrounding tables would simply watch and prepare to defend themselves if the fight accidentally comes their way. Additionally, only the most lawful person would report a fight to the authorities.

The “luxury” locales are very safe. The exorbitant cost allows for powerful magic protection and the general rules don’t allow armor and/or weapons. Only the most successful adventurer would stay there, but they do so knowing they will be very safe. These wealthy inns usually pay the thieves/assassins guilds to provide protection as well. This is the place one would go to hear the news of high society and nobility.

Inn Name Type of Inn Proprietor
Alabaster Flask Luxury Human Codie Weathers
Naked Dwarf Adventurer Halfling Samwell Greenspan
Merry Beggar Adventurer Dwarf Braum Strongarm
Rusty Anvil Seedy Human Cord Caruthers
Dancing Goblin Seedy Half-Orc Grond Justgrond

Inns of Grinadier

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