The Country of Grinadier

Ancient History:

Grinadier shares its history with that of Celedon, as it was once part of this mighty country. During the recolonization, Prince Hegelyn carved out a large area that included present day Celedon, Leeland, Valburn and Grinadier, which he named New Celedon (later shortened to Celedon). This country was divided over the years into its present day geopolitical borders by two separate events. First, over 500 years ago, as a result of a rebellion by Prince Thomas Valburn, nee Horn, the country of Valburn and Leeland separated from Celedon.

Almost 300 years later, in 776 NCR, Idon Tenner, II fought in a fierce battle north of Wildekeep with Stone giants and their Bugbear minions. The Stone giant chieftain with his personal guards overwhelmed King Idon and he was on the verge of death, when Duke Ferin Grinadier charged into the fray by himself, his own personal guards having been cut down as well. He single handedly stood over King Idon and fought the remaining giants until help was able to arrive. He personally slew the Stone giant chieftain and saved the king. As a reward, he was named a Grand Duke and given sovereign rulership over his Duchy. This marked the beginning of the kingdom of Grinadier.

Over the years following the creation of the Grand Duchy, Grinadier has grown to be its own country. The rulers of Grinadier have kept the title Grand Duke rather than king and still swear allegiance to Celedon, although for all practical purposes, the Grand Duke is the same as a king.

Recent History:

Most recently, Grinadier has become a solid, powerful nation, rivaling even Celedon in military might. Over 75 years ago, Grinadier was instrumental in destroying the armies of Malum, led by the country of Valburn and helped end the Second War of the Heavens. The deciding battle was fought at the walls of the Grinadier. Grinadier fought alongside the remnants of Celedon, the army of Falak, the united northern barbarian tribes, the Rengar dwarves and a host of undead. This strange alliance was barely able to defeat this imposing evil host. The legendary Heroes of Redwald were instrumental in organizing this powerful alliance and their names are etched into the annals of Grinadierian history (although Mortimer is much more infamous than famous).

The infrastructure of Grinadier did not suffer the same cataclysmic damage as was felt in Celedon as a result of the Second War of the Heavens, and for several years Grinadier was able to prosper greatly while it provided the raw materials to aid Celedon in its recovery. Further, for quite some time, the army of Grinadier was able to hold sway over the eastern countries and were able to dictate policy. This period of time is known as the golden age of Grinadier.

Today, Grinadier continues to be prosperous. It is ruled by the Grand Duke Walter Grinadier (The Grinadier family has ruled for almost 300 years, since the formation of Grinadier). He is respected as a ruler and is known to be a powerful fighter.


The government of Grinadier is a hybrid feudal system ruled by the Grand Duke. In addition to him, there are four Earls who are each responsible for the safety of a quarter of the country. Each Earl lives in the capital city and has a force that patrols their specific region.

Most of the population of Grinadier is located in and closely around the city of Grinadier. There are numerous mining communities that are a few thousand people strong and one area that has several small farming communities on the far western side of the country. The Grand Duke is considered the “owner” of the land and he receives the taxes from this land. Each Earl is charged with the protection of a quadrant of the country as detailed in The Nobility of Grinadier. The Earls receive a payment from the king based upon the taxes gathered from their quadrant. The Western and Eastern Quadrants are seen as the most important due to the trade that travels these directions. The safe passage of merchants is of PRIME importance and this duty falls to the Earls.


The country of Grinadier is ore rich and food poor. Fortunately, ore is a much more valuable commodity than food. Unfortunately, without food, the country starves. As a result, the primary export is ore, primarily iron ore. Conversely, the primary import is food. Celedon and the Celedon merchants are the primary purchaser of the ore and also the primary seller of food. Most of these items initially is sent to Alden’s Crossing, a burgeoning town located in eastern Celedon on the Harwil River. Additionally, plenty of trade also travels to the east, into the country of Easterly and from there, across the eastern seaboard.

As for artisans, Grinadier is known for it’s smiths. It is said that the very best armor and weapons come from Grinadier. Additionally, Grinadier is known for its jewelry, although Grinadier jewelry usually does not incorporate jewels. Further, due to plentiful precious stone (such as marble, granite, etc), Grinadier is known for it’s beautiful buildings and has numerous world renown sculptors. Most grand buildings in Alyssia are built with Grinadier stone, the most famous of which is the Temple to Diakris in Celedon. However, any person who builds a building with an eye for beauty will try to employ Grinadierian stone.

In addition to the mundane ore and stone, Grinadier is laden with large deposits of copper, silver, gold and even mithral, although the last is very rare even in Grinadier. As can be expected, there is a never ending demand for these precious ores.

All of these natural resources make Grinadier a rich kingdom, but the same rich deposits are only found in an environment that is harsh and does not produce the resources necessary to survive. As mentioned above, this includes food, but much more. Lack of domesticated animals creates a need for cloth, leather, and horses/beasts of burden. These items, like food, are mostly obtained through trade with other countries.


All of the good and neutral gods are worshipped in Grinadier. The most commonly worshipped deity is Belin and his high temple is found here. The High Priest Nicholas Miner is well liked and sees himself as a common man. He began living in the small mining community known as Sutter Creek. He even worked in the mines for a few years until he helped fight off a dire bear which should have killed him, but he was saved by an unlikely overhanging branch that mysteriously swung in the way of the bears killing blow. Seeing this as a sign from Belin, he dedicated the rest of his life to serving the good god. After adventuring, he took a clerical position in the high temple and rose to the position of high priest.

Diakris and Pelbian are also avidly worshipped in Grinadier and both are very respected. Diakris is more popular in the city itself, but Pelbian has a very strong following in the smaller communities throughout Grinadier.

Like most of Alyssia, the general populace of Grinadier are polytheistic and equal worship are given to a variety of the good/neutral gods.

The Country of Grinadier

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