The Towns of Grinadier

Below is a list of each “major” town in Grinadier. “Major” means a community with a population over 1000. Please note that quite often smaller satellite communities exist near the larger towns. These satellite communities often have no name. The name of the town, the inn, the population and the leader are provided.


Name Pop. Mayor Inn
Clifton 2,200 Roger Cheyne Merry Wolf
Pearce 1,800 Lawrence Burton Silver Pick
Bodie 3,200 Guy Sparrow Singing Griffon
Jackson 1,700 Hugh Pygott Muddy Copper
Eureka 2,800 George Benett Jolly Knight
Copperton 3,400 Ralph Morley Dancing Ogre
Angel’s Camp 2,900 Richard Downer Scarlet Raven


Name Pop. Mayor Inn
Coram 2,600 Beatrix Pole Little Earl
Helena 2,800 Michael Taylor One-Eyed Orc
Goldfield 3,300 Ellen Merys Cowardly Tailor
Ward 3,200 Thomas Gerard Sleeping Lion
Ophir 2,300 Ralf Mason Golden Shovel
Sutter’s Peak 2,300 Bartholomew Cobham Rocky Falcon
Creed* 4,000 Angus Cole Open Door


Name Pop. Mayor Inn
Blackbear 3,200 Sarah Coke Black Bear
Caribou 2,800 Arthur Dering Smoking Wench
Garnet 2,300 John Lovell Red Vulture
Sweet Springs 2,700 Peter Ryall Full Goblet
Mullan 1,800 Martha Scott Eagle’s Nest
Mithril City 1,600 Gene Clarke Angry Miner
Butte 1,100 Arnold Browne Golden Egg
Hillsboro 1,000 Linet Ford Greasy Spoon
Aurora* 4,400 Angus Adams Beaver’s Pelt


Name Pop. Mayor Inn
Silverton 3,800 Tomas Yates Silver Hawk
Redstone 3,500 Edmund Stokes Baron’s Respite
Granite 3,300 Alys Godfrey Happy Zombie
Tincup 2,800 Clarence Dunham Shooting Star
Goldhill 3,000 Jon Sadler Whispering Pines
Victory 2,500 Ellen Brocas Hobbit’s Hole
Whitby Creek 3,800 Charles the Bald Lazy Ox
Berwick* 4,400 Joseph Rowntree Summer’s Palace
Ramsgate 2,200 Simon McKinnon Red Bull
Elgin Trace 2,500 Brom Mowbray Drunk Fisherman
Kindle 2,200 Matilda Cleves Rusty Plow
  • = Trading Centers

The Towns of Grinadier

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